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Posted on November 20, 2017 at 7:00 PM

Ethics or lack of ethics is an issue today along the Rancocas Creek Water Trail. As is openly known the process of the RC/NWT nomination is 100% transparent. It is unfortunate but not surprising that individuals co-opt the process of civic engagement for blatant personal, divisive ego-stoked reasons.

Manifest clear is that such individuals lower the bar of civic responsibility to below that of a Rancocas Creek mud-pit. As Director of Rancocas Pathways and manager of the RC NWT initiative it is my responsibility to highlight when ethical breeches take place. A lack of ethics bridges to a lack of integrity and or spitting on the mutual respect we have towards individuals. Make no mistake about it, such actions have no place w those involved in the RC/NWT and in associated civic engagement. When words and actions combine a hateful, spiteful environment slots into place and that is counter-productive to sustaining short and long term goals of the RCWT. Laughing over the issue exacerbates the now weakened link to community ownership. Such actions are outright "mean" and "spiteful". Frankly people who act in such ways are what the British call a "codswallop". If such folks act in such manner and fashion go back to kindergarten and learn the foundation of manners. Respect/Ethics/Responsibility/Accountability and Integrity are the very reasons of the community engagement process of the RCWT. We hold this bar high and we do not compromise on these principles.

John Anderson, Director Rancocas Creek Water Trail. 411 www.rcnwt.com

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