Rancocas Pathways, 501 (c) (3) Managers  of
the Rancocas Creek National Water Trail, nomination.

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Rancocas Pathways Inc.
Offical Applicant of the RCNWT nomination

Rancocas Pathways, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated 2 enhanced 
multi-use public access;
 promoting the nomination  of a Rancocas Ceek
Water Trail through fun, exemplary recreation,  stewardship, helathy exercise,
conservation and education.

An extreme example of what happens to a waterway.  Prompting a resource means one takes into account issues that can and will most likely impact a resource.

Details to be posted on the RC monitoring program. 
Clarity of Rancocas Creek Tidal Water is found here on the Mt. Holly Oxbow Tidal Weir.  Amber colored from the Pines from where the Creek originates.

Climate impacts are evident in the Rancocas Creek watershed already. 

We are seeing warmer overall temperatures and more intense summer and early Fall tempests and events. Models that predict future trends indicate these patterns will continue. This means warmer water temperatures effecting the plants, fish and other aquatic organisms that help keep our rivers healthy and clean. It also means increased precipitation and flooding in winter and spring and fall potentially drier summers with droughts becoming more common.

Here are several resources for people interested in learning more about local climate .

Folks can take action now that will make our communities and the watershed’s ecosystems more resilient. There are also actions all citizens can take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to mitigate impacts from climate that occurs. 

To learn more about how RPs tackling climate see links below.  Models of other programs on climate are found below.

RP will forge partnerships and alliances to develop localized and easy to understand fact sheets summarizing the best available climate data for the area and explaining potential impacts of climate on the water trail for safe paddling. 

Ice conditions on the Water Trail was sparse. 

Additional resources