Rancocas Pathways, 501 (c) (3) Managers  of
the Rancocas Creek National Water Trail, nomination.

Kayak Shack and Retail Market

  Pine Barrens Non-Tidal Canoe and Kayak Liverys
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Rancocas Pathways Inc.
Offical Applicant of the RCNWT nomination

Rancocas Pathways, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated 2 enhanced 
multi-use public access;
 promoting the nomination  of a Rancocas Ceek
Water Trail through fun, exemplary recreation,  stewardship, helathy exercise,
conservation and education.


         Innovative.  Unique. 

N Branch Water Safety Adopt-a-Creek is self-funded.

As such Adopt-a-Creek implemented in 2015 Community Supported Agriculture  (CSA) based funding.

Through a confluence of folks Adopt-a-Creek offers at market rate NJ fresh, seasonal produce.  All proceeds are directed at programmatic funding issues.

Produce sales have so far in 2015 allowed the purchase of brochures, hand-tools  to assist in helping spruce up the N. Branch Tidewaters, Mt. Holly Flood Channel, Oxbow and elsewhere.

Snagging a "Jon Boat" is high on the priority list.  Flat bottom boat will be used to haul trash out and maintain the paddling trail along the Rancocas Creek.

Support Local Paddlesport Stewardship

Funding community based programs is problematic.  Grant funds are scarce.  Likewise other resources.  Funding a local paddle trail is stiff.  Using principles of free-market environmentalism  Adopt-a-Creek forges a confluence of market interests that support program elements of sprucing-up the N Branch Tidewaters and in the Mt. Holly Oxbow.  

2015 Produce List

Bartering of items is a key component of funding.  As an example though bartering Adopt-a-Creek acquired 2 'yaks for folks if they would like to use a kayak and or see what its all about.  Free kayak meet-ups are held on a regular basis along the N Branch tidewaters.   Check out the Mt. Holly FB page.

A few school and youth groups have asked questions on the N Branch, likewise individuals of all ages.  Talking to such groups allows one to speak on safety around the N Branch Tidewaters and yes to them who have asked there are no crocodiles or alligators on the Oxbow or N Branch.

Tee-shirt sales information will be posted, likewise otherwise links to various community resources.  Please visit and patronize these locations.  (as of may 1st, 2015) this section is evolving.  All proceeds collected are turned back to funding a specific program element.

Top on the List of Events: 

Adopt-a-Creek for the 2016  Paddling Season. Sprucing up the N Branch Oxbow and Bucto Waterfront.  Dates and times to be posted.  Tidal rise and fall determines specifics of all hands-on program elements.  Contact the webmaster for further information.