Rancocas Pathways, Managers  of
the Rancocas Creek National Water Trail, nomination.

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Rancocas Pathways Inc.
Offical Applicant of the RCNWT nomination

Rancocas Pathways, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated 2 enhanced 
multi-use public access;
 promotes the nomination  of a Rancocas Ceek
Water Trail through fun, recreation,  stewardship, exercise,
conservation and education.

Understanding and managing the Rancocas Creek National Water Trail nomination integrates ecosystem based management within the Rancocas Creek's   maritime cultural landscapes: Moving from theory to practice out-reach programs provide real-life case studies on the water trail nomination and how to predict and avoid pitfalls and embrace difficulties.
School Programs and workshops on the maritime landscape, natural history and conservation are structured to all grades and levels of education
Interested in a program ? Outreach ? Entertainment ? Speakers, Vibrant attention to your organizations requirements.  Contact the water trail manager.   Rancocas Pathways tailors programs to your specific needs and requirements.  Group paddling, company volunteer days, recreation, paddling.
Web Quest:  Rancocas Creek Heritage

Grades 5-12

Take your students on a web-quest!  Students do the work of a museum curator by making a difficult decision—three other parks  have asked to borrow the same 18th century object for an upcoming exhibition.  This online search activity is meant to increase students awareness of the heritage of the Rancocas Creek by conducting Web research on the Rancocas Creek and kayaking, analyze the results and present their decision on which of three exhibitions—one on invention, one on the underground railroad, or one on water safety—should be included in a program.  Students make their own decisions guided by Teachers. 

RP programs and outreach present a matrix of innovative programs focused on multi-use public access, the Rancocas Creek National Water Trail nomination, safe paddling, healthy living bridges to recreation, maritime cultural heritage, Natural History of the Rancocas Creek tidewaters and issues related to the conservation of Rancocas Creek.

RP views the Creek and its associations as a natural value added asset to examine scientific and educational areas of the tidewaters that is a tool to enhance public programing, outreach and paddling excursions.  

Community Outreach

Rancocas Pathways supports local community in many ways. This includes, but is not limited to the following types of activities:

  • Public events
  • Speaker requests
  • Partnering programs and projects

To learn more about these activities visit Paddle Down the Rancocas

Tailored to community, group and organization demographics.   Contact John Anderson, R.N., BSc., Rancocas Pathways Water Trail Manager:  ingvarja@verizon.net
Telephone:  609-876-3086

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Sliding scale fees and donations support program development for community education.   
Coalition Building....Sounds easy, Not.  Examples from actual coalitions allow participants to immerse themselves in the spectrum of issues faced in coalitions...both formal and informally.  Adopt a Creek program elements highlights how cultivating partnerships sustain multi-use is crux to advancing a grass-root coalition.
Natural History of the tidewaters is an expansive area of science and education.  The Rancocas Creeks maritime past is the backbone of natural history on along the State Park Blueway.  Workshops, round-table discussions, field work, field trips, paddling excursions are arranged on a case by case basis.  Contact the water trail manager for details.
Kayak livery and guided kayak excursions for private tours and for small groups.  This close intimacy w/ the Creek allows participants to poke around the creek.  Paddle into the backwaters, skim across the State Natural Area channels, glide past the Rancocas Nature Center and Burlington County Parks Longbridge Creekfronts, Experience a new dimension to exploring the Rancocas Creek Blueway and State Park Bluetrail.   Contact the water trail manager for details.  Livery fee's are arranged on a sliding scale.   RP encourages volunteers bartering services for paddling time.   Don't have a yak, not an issue, contact the water trail manager. 
Activity Incubators.

Looking to enhance the scope and spectrum of a field trip, program activity or excursion.

Contact RP for details on how activity incubators facilitate outreach and involvement from community's and support stakeholders.