Rancocas Pathways, the Offical  Applicant  of
the Rancocas Creek National Water Trail, nomination
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  Pine Barrens Non-Tidal Canoe and Kayak Liverys
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Rancocas Pathways Inc.
Offical Applicant of the RCNWT nomination

Rancocas Pathways, a 501c3 organization dedicated 2 enhanced
 multi-use public access n promotes the nomination
 of a Rancocas Ceek
Water Trail through fun, recreation,
stewardship, exercise,
conservation and education.

A National Paddlesport Organization is since 1880 is the American Canoe Association

Outline of benefits of membership  of the ACA.

Recreation:  Paddle into the ACA comprehensive list of water trails and other paddling PEARLS on the ACA web site.   

Education: Paddle Safe-Paddle Smart  Curriculum for teachers,  Check out the ACA safety courses and positions.  

Stewardship,  easy access to safe, enjoyable paddling sites in one of the top tenets of the ACA.

Clean and Healthy Waterways, Paddler Access, and Funding 4 protecting water resources.    ACA advocates for paddler-friendly polices on issues that impact paddlers.  

Public Policy

Competition  :  ACA sanctions races and national championships.  ACA organizes collegiate canoe/kayak/sup and white-water kayak competition. 

Connections in Paddle Clubs  ACA supports more then 150 Paddle clubs in the United States.  ACA partners range from like-minded non-profits to the USCG.  Connect to those who paddle or like the playing on the local waters. 

Action Alerts 

Rancocas Creek National Water Trail Nomination

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Stewardship and Conservation

Like a paddler and a life jacket fit like glove so to does stewardship and conservation.  Specific, targeted, innovative community centric programs and education material supports multi-use along the Rancocas Creek water trail.  Different situations, concerns and issues call for different levels of efforts, involvement and outreach.  Effective messages include, blend in and comb together:  easily identified logos; effective distribution of the message; sustaining the effort; ways to provide "beta" to others (signs/route markers/notice boards/kiosks/brochures/flyers/presence (this is a biggie)/interpretative programs and presentations.

Why a "biggie"?  If people see others involved in actions the more likely they to will get involved.   Volunteers are encouraged to use creativity.

Social Media Campaign of  "eddy turns and braces"  specific 2 paddlesport associations, individuals, organizations on issues and concerns r/t  enhancing, adjusting and improving access to those who own, use and manage paddlesports in, on and among NJ's recreational, cultural, historical, community and natural resources.


Rancocas Pathways stewardship facilitates advocacy and awareness  4 the conservation of multi-use along the Rancocas Creek watersheds water trails.  Ride the tide, Share the ride.

Rancocas Pathway works to restore, regain and rekindle public access and enhanced public interest for the nomination of the Rancocas Creek National Water Trail.