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Mt. Holly King Street Tidal Wier.  Paddle the oxbow to avoid carrying a kayak over the wier.  Whats a wier ? Simply put the tidal wier is baffle used to control the tides into Mt. Holly.  Click here for "beta".

Burlington County Times news Article   6  26  2017

Photo:  Melpine Landing High Tide

Paddling the Rancocas Creek, tidal segments, N Branch and S Branch brings with it all sorts of issues for safe paddling.

All ways consult a tide chart before paddling.

Click here for on-line tidal charts. 

Areas at issue for low tide:  Mt. Holly Oxbow, Flood Channel and King Street Weir.   Suggested Launch For Low Tide in Mt. Holly is Monroe Street Park. 

Rancocas Creek North Branch Creekside Obstruction.   These type of obstructions are exposed at low and falling tides.   Stay Alert, Stay Away, Stay Clear. 

Creekbank showing low tide characteristic.   Deep holes in the Creek are exposed at low tide.  

Always wear your life jacket, never paddle alone, Leave a float plan. 
Explore the tidal marshes by first and foremost studying tide charts of the Creek.

Zap a text to Pathways for daily and or hourly tide readings:   609.876.3086

On a low tide you may have to wade in the Creek to pull your kayaks through shallows.  

These tidal shallow areas are found around the Mt. Holly Oxbow and around Timbuctoo.  It is suggested and recommended that people do not paddle into backwater's and marsh areas on a low tide.   You will get stuck.   There will be issues r/t your safety if you get stuck at low tide.

Paddle the main channels only on a low tide.